Diana Gutiérrez

Front-end developer


Here is a small selection of my recent works.

Future Nature

HTML, CSS & jQuery

Crónica Golf

HTML, CSS & jQuery, Wordpress

Workshop Experience

HTML, CSS, jQuery

About me

“A solid organised structure is the basis of a good interface experience.”

My name is Diana Gutiérrez. I am a front-end developer currently living and working in Madrid (Spain).

I'm specialised in XHTML / HTML5, CSS2 / CSS3 and jQuery. My aim is to improve users experience by building clean, solid and semantic interfaces. I believe in constant self training, new technologies experimentation and search for innovation.

And I really enjoy my profession.

What I'm good at

  • CSS2 / CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Semantic code
  • Usability
  • Responsive layouts
  • Accesibility
  • Wordpress
  • Email templates development
  • Social networks integration


I would love hearing from you.

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  • Email:
  • Skype: diana.gtr